Why a 40 Something Cowgirl ?

Posted on: October 24th, 2018 by Christine "Twister" Thomas | in Cowgirl Stories, Members Gallery, Testimonials | No Comments

Christine “Twister” Thomas, Green River, WY

Why a 40 Something Cowgirl, you may ask ?

I’m proud to be a 40 Something Cowgirl because of what I have accomplished in many aspects of life. Winning a few buckles on a horse “I made and not a made horse that I bought”, making friends across the states & around the world, but most importantly what it has taught my teenage daughter.

Growing up now is so much different that when I was growing up. So much ugliness in the world.

I have ALWAYS told both of the kids (son & daughter) to “Always Be True to You” and follow your dreams.

Four years ago my daughter dressed up as a rodeo clown in honor of her namesake, Colby “Primetime” Gines. Little did we know how far this do. To date she has been the funnyman for the, R and R Winter rodeo series for four years, Overland Stage Stampede Rodeo (our hometown rodeo in Green River, Wyoming) for 3 years, and her newest rodeo was the Big Piney Chuck Wagon Days on July 4, 2018. Kolbi has also had the opportunity to work with Denny Halstead (7x Canadian Pro Rodeo entertainer of the year, 3x Ram National Circuit finals, and 2016 NFR alternate) as well PRCA Rodney “Shotgun” Gaston. Both Dennis & Rodney were very gracious to Kolbi, giving her advise and encouragement.

Because of 40 Something Cowgirls, I have many rewarding opportunities and because of them Kolbi is following her dreams and opening doors for many other young ladies.

One of Kolbi’s mottos is ” Don’t just be Different, Be Unique”.

Thank you 40 Something Cowgirls for giving me a second chance and the courage to not only be “Different, but Unique” !!!

*The picture is of Kolbi the first rodeo she did four years ago