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    All our members our Angels!!
    5% of Membership fees are donated to our Cowgirls Angel Fund, then dispersed by application to our members in need.

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    Cowgirl Membership (ages 31+) ($45 annually): Our Cowgirls are riding or non-riding women. A “riding” Cowgirl has or has access to a horse/s and owns or has access to equipment. (40 Something Cowgirls does not supply horses or tack to its members) As a Cowgirl (riding or non-riding) you agree to release any and all liability and certify to the health of the horse/s, under your control who are participating in 40SC events.

    Like on the ranch, our Cowgirls are honest and hardworking  She is full of grit and integrity; she has a passion for life, her family and her horses. A Cowgirl loves adventure and is dedicated to sharing that with other members. Cowgirl memberships are good for one year from the date of joining and are non-refundable due to the member benefits and discounts immediately available to members upon joining.

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    Member benefits

    • One fun filled year of membership to 40 Something Cowgirlssong in your heart
    • One personalized Cowgirls membership card
    • One 40 Something Cowgirls window decal
    • Instant access to the password protected 40 Something Cowgirls website:
      including 400+Recipes, Cowgirl Poetry, Trail Reviews, Members photo gallery, forms, flyers and more!!
      In addition members have immediate access to the 40SC International member base, can set up and post to a personal profile page, make friends, post photos and stories, join groups….all immediately after joining online.
    • Special Event Insurance policy protection
    • Email communications including updates and events
    • Access to view 40SC online Event Calendar
    • Open invitation to attend ANY event listed on the Calendar, ANY where in the world!
    • Opportunity to start a new Chapter, if inspired (Click here for that information)
    • Ability to sponsor up to five (5) Lil Sisters to share the journey
    • Access to downloadable forms and information
    • Annual Cowgirls handbook
    • 15% Discount on 40SC merchandise online as well as in bricks and mortar stores
    • Discounts and opportunities offered by sponsors and advertisers
    • Cool annual awards

      But more importantly:Unlimited new friendships worldwide


      St Paul Rodeo Trail Ride, St Paul, OR Attendance was over 600 riders! Pretty cool!

    • Side Cramps from laughing and having fun
    • New laugh lines or as we call ’em “character lines”
    • An immediate support group, inspiration and encouragement




    40 something cowgirls

    Members meet in Abilene, TX to host 40 Something Cowgirls Queen from Australia.











    40 Something Cowgirls is dedicated in building a membership comprised of kind, honest, respectful and caring women. Therefore: 40SC Headquarters does not guarantee membership & reserves the right to deny or terminate membership to any person who knowingly participates in activities that are dishonest, demeaning, degrading or demoralizing or in any way harmful, physically or emotionally to any one associated with 40SC.

  • LiL Sister Application (PDF)
    Lil Sister Application (fillable PDF)

    Lil Sister Membership (ages 21-30) (no annual fee): She is a “40 Something” in training! A Lil Sister is any gal between the ages of 21 and 30. Gals over the age of 30 may join and earn points as a Cowgirls member. Lil Sisters are sponsored by a Cowgirls Member. Cowgirls may sponsor two (2) Lil Sisters with their annual membership for no charge and up to five (5) Lil Sisters for a $10 annual fee. Sponsoring Cowgirls must be current members in good standing to sponsor a Lil Sister.

    Lil Sister Membership Benefits

    • One full year of membership to 40Something Cowgirls
    • One personalized Cowgirls membership card
    • One 40Something Cowgirls window decal
    • One year’s access to the password protected 40 Something Cowgirls website
    • Email communications including updates and events
    • Access to view 40SC online Event Calendar, receive event invitations, flag events, share with a friend or RSVP to an invitation
    • Access to downloadable forms and information
    • Cowgirls handbook (available for purchase)
    • 15% Discount on 40SC merchandise
    • Discounts and opportunities offered by sponsors and advertisers
    • Meeting and making friends with other horse lovers worldwide
    • Learning and growing in your understanding of horses through the members, various services and guest speakers
    • Networking with other women that have similar interests around the globe
    • Sharing your knowledge with members
    • Riding with other members
    • Participating in special events and clinics
    • Eligibility for awards (At Chapters discretion)
    • Other privileges, which may be subject to change