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    Cowgirl Chapters start with a minimum of (5) new members. With the exception of the Queen, she is not required to be a new member. Chapters do not have size limits and are never closed to new members.
    With submission of the application, the Queen/Chapter understands and agrees to pay Chapter fee one year from the date of this application, whether or not the Chapter decides to renew, and understands with renewal, the Chapter fee must be paid annually thereafter to maintain Chapter status. Members & Chapters agree to all terms and conditions stated in the "Law & Order" membership agreement of 40 Something Cowgirls. Additionally, all Members & Chapters with this submission agree to release all liability and hold harmless all involved as stated in the 40 Something Cowgirls Liability Release Form. Chapter pay an annual fee to belong to 40 Something Cowgirls. Chapter fees are used to give back to our chapters through services and benefits, for the operation of Cowgirl Headquarters and to maintain and grow our Cowgirl Organization.