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Why a 40 Something Cowgirl ?

Christine “Twister” Thomas, Green River, WY

Why a 40 Something Cowgirl, you may ask ?

I’m proud to be a 40 Something Cowgirl because of what I have accomplished in many aspects of life. Winning a few buckles on a horse “I made and not a made horse that I bought”, making friends across the states & around the world, but most importantly what it has taught my teenage daughter.

Growing up now is so much different that when I was growing up. So much ugliness in the world.

I have ALWAYS told both of the kids (son & daughter) to “Always Be True to You” and follow your dreams.

Four years ago my daughter dressed up as a rodeo clown in honor of her namesake, Colby “Primetime” Gines. Little did we know how far this do. To date she has been the funnyman for the, R and R Winter rodeo series for four years, Overland Stage Stampede Rodeo (our hometown rodeo in Green River, Wyoming) for 3 years, and her newest rodeo was the Big Piney Chuck Wagon Days on July 4, 2018. Kolbi has also had the opportunity to work with Denny Halstead (7x Canadian Pro Rodeo entertainer of the year, 3x Ram National Circuit finals, and 2016 NFR alternate) as well PRCA Rodney “Shotgun” Gaston. Both Dennis & Rodney were very gracious to Kolbi, giving her advise and encouragement.

Because of 40 Something Cowgirls, I have many rewarding opportunities and because of them Kolbi is following her dreams and opening doors for many other young ladies.

One of Kolbi’s mottos is ” Don’t just be Different, Be Unique”.

Thank you 40 Something Cowgirls for giving me a second chance and the courage to not only be “Different, but Unique” !!!

*The picture is of Kolbi the first rodeo she did four years ago

A letter to Our Cowgirls

Susan Webb & Roxanne Jones- co-creators of the Dallas, Georgia Chapter

When Dallas, Georgia Chapter formed….we were very blessed to be able to call ourselves the Dallas Cowgirls!

Both my Princess, Roxanne Jones and I wanted to set the tone and introduce ourselves. I felt that this intro was something that any chapter could benefit from and wanted to share it with ya’ll.
My focus with this chapter will be on friendship and fellowship. Saying that—I want to be sure that everyone remembers that this group is for the enjoyment of being a cowgirl (horse or not).

Being a cowgirl isn’t necessarily about having a horse….it is MORE about having that spirit—and that belief that we are a sisterhood. This chapter will be focused on helping one another achieve personal goals and understanding that we as women don’t need to put others down to elevate ourselves. When we elevate one another, and help each other, we achieve greatness.

When you hear me say: “We are all about the Ride.” I mean it.
Not necessarily on a horse—but it is the JOURNEY.
And it is about how we accomplish that journey together.

No Drama. Saddles On. Enjoy the ride, my friends.

(Special credit to Roxanne Jones who coined the “No Drama, Saddles On” phrase)


Rhonda Martin, Breckenridge, TX

Let me tell you, 40 Something Cowgirls came into my life at just the right time.  I was looking for an avenue to be able to spend time with my friends and my horses, and knew right away that this was going to be just the right fit.  I’ve grown so much as a person, made some amazing friendships along my journey so far, and know that my future looks bright as I have a wonderfully supportive sisterhood enjoying the ride with me.

Rhonda Reyes, Silver Creek, GA

As I enter this room full of people, I feel a hundred eyes on me, perhaps it’s these dusty old jeans or my sweaty shirt covered in horse hair or maybe even my out of place hair. I’m really not sure but I enter with the strength that God has given me to love who I am and what I have become, for I am a younger girl in an older woman’s body. I embrace the moment and I realize that life is great for I have reached a time and place in my life to accept myself without the need of approval from anyone else. As I pay for my refreshment, I stare out the window to see my old faithful truck and trailer with
one of my most precious and loving horses. I realize that I am more than just a strong woman, I am a 40 Something Cowgirl!!!!

By Joe Reyes (my husband)

Kim Chandler, McMinnville, OR

2010 Kristi called several of us and had us come over for a “Pot Luck”.. then she put this idea out there, that she had been thinking about for sometime… I knew right away I wanted to be involved! She was talking directly at me! I would look out my window and love seeing my horses in the pasture, but I wasn’t riding. I like to ride with other people… not by myself. We all signed up that day… and here it is 6 years later, and I am so happy I believed in Kristi and what she can pull together! I can’t imagine my life without some of these cowgirls I have met and have become life long friends. The year end awards, well they are just icing on the cake. I never have to worry about riding alone again!

Tootie Martin, Salem, OR

My husband passed away in November of 2010. I knew I had to do something to keep me busy. My daughter, Rhonda and I rode a lot but we needed something more. A friend told me about the 40 Something Cowgirls and heard a new group was starting up in Salem so we thought we’d check it out. We joined that night, what a life changing night that was. I have met so many fantastic gals with the same interest, horses. Some show, others Trail Ride, Sort, game, event, judge, you name it.

I have had so much fun in the years I have been a member, and have met life long friends that I would have never met before.

I have won several awards on the National Level but that is just icing on the cake. The thing that keeps me a member is all the laughs and giggles we share, we are the FUNNEST BUNCH OF HORSEWOMEN ON THE PLANET! Thank you Kristi for forming this group.

Janice Morrel, Graham, TX

“How do you win a buckle for simply telling people how much you love a group of gals that loves you back, gives you encouragement, and are just plain fun to be with? Well, you join the 40Something Cowgirls and then tell everyone who will listen how much fun you are having. Here is a picture of my newest belt buckle! It means so much to me that I just can’t explain! Thank you 40 Something Cowgirls, I’ll wear it proudly! !!! AND WITH A BIG GRIN ON MY FACE — feeling excited”””…Janice Morrel, Graham, TX

Danyeil Reed, Zanesville, OH

“I can’t thank you enough for starting this group. It has brought joy back to my life. I laughed so hard yesterday, that’s something I haven’t done in a long time and all because I started this chapter of 40 Something Cowgirls.”

Roxanne Jones, Cedartown, GA

I enjoy trail riding that’s mainly all we do on our horses. I truly love to be in the woods camping riding or kayaking on a creek. But having a dear friend to be with you in the middle of the adventure makes it better. I am so fortune it to have a great friend to ride countless trails all over the southeast to traveling to Kansas to get snowed in by a blizzard in the middle of no where. So with that a good horse is awesome but a great friend is priceless! I know that I am blessed to have her in my life. Since I’ve joined the 40 Something’s Cowgirls I’ve met many wonderful women with the same interests, I am glad I did! Friends make the world a better place ! Thank you to my best friend Deborah Davenport for sharing this group with me!

Amber Johnson, Salem, OR

What being a cowgirl means to me.
Simply stated… I have your back and I am here for you.

I have now served as Queen of the Capital City Cowgirls for the past year and a half. What an honor this has been. I have met so many AMAZING cowgirls. Women I am so proud to call my friends. The 40 Something Cowgirls has been life changing for me and I want to thank our founder Kristi Williams for following her dream and bringing this wonderful organization together. I remember when we had our first meeting and I was crowned Queen. My first thought was, how on earth am I ever going to fit this in to my already crazy schedule? I have no time. Now I laugh as I cannot imagine my life without the cowgirls. I make time for our events and I actually find myself planning my other life activities around our cowgirl events. It’s funny how your life’s priorities change. I find myself attending between 8-10 events a month as well as hosting at least one event every month. I know these are real friendships. The ones that are solid to the core. The strength of the cowgirls become evident this past April, when we had several cowgirls go down on the injured list. Sadly we had several cowgirls down and unfortunately many at the same time. But never fear, the cowgirls were here! With the technology of today I was able to put out the call to start the meal train via e-mail ASAP. What is a meal train you ask? It is like the old phone tree. Remember those? I simply emailed the cowgirls in our local chapter as well as the Queens of a few surrounding chapters asking for cowgirls to donate a frozen meal for our cowgirls in need. I could not believe the amount of support that poured in to help. Cowgirls helping cowgirls and in many cases, many of these cowgirls have never even met. The 40 Something Cowgirls are a united group. I LOVE this and think it speaks volumes to the kind of amazing women that are in this organization. Within one week we had many, many meals, donations of money from several that could not contribute food and an outpouring of offers to help clean stalls, drive the injured to their doctors’ appointments, care for horses and simply be there for the cowgirls that were down.

I simply feel blessed to be the Queen of my chapter and know that the cowgirls are simply some of the best women I have ever met. I am looking forward to being there for not only the cowgirls in my chapter but other cowgirls across the country as well. Never in a million years could I have imagined where the cowgirls would take me. My heart is full, my face wears a smile and my life has been forever changed. I feel honored to be a cowgirl.

With all my love, Queen Amber Johnson, Salem, OR