Why join 40 Something Cowgirls?

Whether as an individual or with a Chapter, your membership to 40SC will provide you with many benefits.

  • Members inspire, motivate and support.
  • Staying connected with other women with similar interests and experiences locally, and globally.
  • Share ideas and adventures.
  • Share special places and neat experiences with new friends.
  • Make friends and riding buddies world wide.
  • Visit the favorite places of other members.
  • Earn points toward End of the Year Awards including Saddles, Buckles, Tack and Apparel.
  • Experience the freedom that comes with positive surroundings and people.
  • Help a good cause while having fun; 5% of membership fees are donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Prevention & Research.

Why not start a riding club on my own?

We encourage everyone to get involved and get moving. Riding clubs offer a great way of getting together and having fun. At 40 Something Cowgirls we are connecting clubs and groups worldwide in an effort to open opportunities and experiences that perhaps would not be available on a local level. Local and Regional Chapters of 40SC are connected through the membership and offer various opportunities for unique get-togethers and competitions.

Can my riding club as a whole join 40SC?

Absolutely! And as a new Chapter they will enjoy the first year free of Chapter fees. Contact Us for more information. Contact Us for more information. See Cowgirls Chapter Benefits

Do you have to be a certain age?

Gals from 21 and beyond may join 40 Something Cowgirls, however any gal under the age of 30 is considered a Lil Sister. Lil Sisters are sponsored at no charge by an existing member and can participate in any Cowgirl events. Click on Lil Sisters for more information.

Is it required that a member have a horse?

No. Whether you have or have never had a horse or perhaps you are looking for a horse, you are welcome to join. Members earn points in 6 divisions. Points are based on participation & are not judged. Attending any event, even without a horse, will earn a member points. See Points and Awards.

How long and from what date is my Cowgirls membership valid?

Cowgirl memberships are valid for one year from the date of joining. Annual points are calculated from Jan 1st to Dec 31st each year. In addition, Cowgirl points are calculated on an accumulative basis using the day and year a member first joined.

Am I restricted to my local Chapter’s events?

No. Any Cowgirl member may attend any Chapter’s event anywhere. Use your Cowgirl’s ID number to sign in on the Event Roster.

If I am an existing member of a Cowgirls Chapter, can I branch off and start a Cowgirls Chapter on my own?

Yes. Chapter’s form for many different reasons. Perhaps you would like events to be closer to home. A Cowgirl member may branch off and start a new Chapter with five (5) new members.

Can I change my Chapter affiliation? Is there a cost involved?

A Cowgirl can change her Chapter affiliation at any time. There are no costs involved. Because members can attend any Chapter’s event, members are not restricted to one Chapter. Typically a member is affiliated with a specific Chapter for communication purposes only.

How can I be sure my points are being calculated?

An Event Roster is submitted by the Chapter Queen to Cowgirl Headquarters for official Cowgirls events. It is the responsibility of the individual Cowgirl member to be sure her name is included on the roster as a participant. Cowgirl Headquarters calculates points for members in all Divisions.

How can I be sure an Event is an official point earning event?

Official Cowgirl events are listed on the Cowgirls Event Calendar on the 40 Something Cowgirls website. Events are posted to the calendar, a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

What type of events and disciplines are Cowgirls involved with?

Our Cowgirls ride both Western and English and participant in a variety of events. Some Cowgirls don’t ride at all and attend the many get-togethers found on our Event Calendar on our Cowgirls website.

How do I find a Chapter close to me?

Active and pending Chapters can be found on the website by clicking on the Local Chapters button. If there is not something in your area Contact Us for information on how to easily start a Chapter in your area.

What does it cost to start a Cowgirls Chapter?

Nothing. A new Cowgirls Chapter is free from Chapter fees for the first year. A new Chapter can be formed with as little a five new members.

Can my spouse or significant other attend Cowgirl events?

Due to health or physical handicaps, Cowgirls that require assistance are always welcome to attend with a guest or assistant. Otherwise, it is up to the Chapters hosting the event as to who is welcome to attend and participate. It is best to check with the hosting Chapter’s Queen to be sure.

Do I have to be a member to attend an event?

Cowgirl events are open to all members and welcome potential new members to attend. Check with the hosting Chapter’s Queen for information on non-members participating in an event. All visitors are asked to sign in on the Event Roster so they can earn points if they join at the event or within 36hrs after the event.