2017 Winners

Congratulations to all members and our Award Winners on another fantastic year!
A total of 1116 Events in 2017!!
Keeping the Cowgirl Spirit alive!!

hi pt queen






 Overall High Point Cowgirls

Name Chapter Award
1) Vicki Marshall  Agua Dulce, CA  Trophy Saddle
2) Mylinda Ford  Cedartown, GA  Trophy Buckle
3) Rhonda Reyes  Rockmart, GA  Trophy Breast Collar

Overall High Point Queens

Name Chapter Award
1) Paula Hess  McMinnville, OR  Trophy Saddle
2) Peggy Branham  Midland, TX  Trophy Buckle
3) Trisha Hawker  Aqua Dulce, CA  Trophy Breast Collar
4) Shelly Borgstedte  Stanton, TX  Trophy Jacket

Division 1 High Point Cowgirls

Name Chapter Award
1) Roxanne Jones  Aragon, GA  Trophy Buckle
2) Tootie Martin  Salem, OR  Trophy Horse Halter
3) Kaye Lott  Stanton, TX  Trophy Stable Sheet

Division 1 High Point Queens

Name Chapter Award
1) Kim McClelland  Marysville, WA  Trophy Buckle
2) Jodie Usher  Breckenridge, TX  Trophy Horse Halter
3) Jan Wanamaker  Acton, CA  Trophy Stable Sheet

Division 2 High Point Cowgirls

Name Chapter Award
1) Lalita Share  Agua Dulce, CA  Trophy Buckle
2) Amanda Scannell Stanton, TX  Trophy Horse Halter
3) Lisa Crawford  McMinnville, OR  Trophy Stable Sheet

Division 2 High Point Queens

Name Chapter Award
1) Martha Harvey  Rockmart, GA  Trophy Buckle
2) Deborah Davenport  Aragon, GA  Trophy Horse Halter
3) Trisha Hawker  Agua Dulce, CA  Trophy Stable Sheet

Division 3 High Point Cowgirls

Name Chapter Award
1) Judy Carroll  Aragon, GA  Trophy Horse Halter
2) Susan Webb  Rockmart, GA  Trophy Hay Bag
3) Jessica Brown  Aragon, GA  Trophy Ball Cap

Division 3 High Point Queens

Name Chapter Award
1) Amy Judkins  Hobbs, NM  Trophy Horse Halter
2) Johanna McClanahan  Bowden Junction, GA  Trophy Hay Bag
3) Shelly Borgstedste  Stanton, TX  Trophy Ball Cap

And a little something special for those members that have been with us for 5 years!! Look for that headed your way very soon!

The  Founder’s Award is a special recognition of the 40 Something Cowgirl Spirit. 
It represents the strength and integrity it takes to be a cowgirl. A Cowgirls who is genuine and inspires those around her to saddle up and follow their dreams. Congratulations Cowgirl!

Division 4 Founder’s Award

Name   Chapter Award
1) Robin Phillips  Walterboro, SC  Trophy Buckle

Grit and determination, defining the cowgirl spirit and that of this years Founder’s Award winner Robin Phillips. Robin’s determination to start a 40 Something Cowgirls chapter in Walterboro proved successful though not without a struggle. It was Robin’s perseverance and fearless attitude that kept her going after her first 40SC Meet and Greet, when, after hours of preparation, posting flyers and making phone calls, she would be the only one that would show up for that get together.

Though tired, disappointed and feeling a bit defeated Robin was still determined, she picked herself up and started out again to form the Cowgirls Chapter she believed in and wanted for her community. When a second 40SC Meet & Greet proved unsuccessful, that did not slow Robin down, she simply scheduled another.

Success would be found at the third Meet & Greet where, after months of trying, the room finally filled with prospective members, Robin took the reins and officially launched the Walterboro, SC chapter, in June of 2015.

Since that summer Robin continues to inspire those around her to get out and keep trying. The continuous growth of this South Carolina chapter is evident of the steady message of encouragement and positivity. Robin’s dedication and excitement for the Walterboro, SC Chapter and the 40SC organization is infectious, she lives and breathes the cowgirl spirit.

On or off a horse, Robin’s can-do, cowgirl spirit inspires those around her to jump in, keep going and keep your chin up!  She does so with a kind heart and sense of humor. We are so very proud to call Robin a friend and a cowgirl.

Congratulations Robin and Thank you for all that you do, not only for 40 Something Cowgirls but for everyone around you!