About Us

The only International organization designed specifically for women of a “certain age”.

Members of “40 Something Cowgirls” help and encourage each other, we are supportive and respectful.  We laugh a lot, mostly at ourselves and have adventures together only women, especially mature women, can experience. When among cowgirls you can leave your troubles behind and enjoy life while enjoying the horses we love.

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Once you JOIN 40 Something Cowgirls you have instant access to our International network of amazing members and immediate access to our exclusive members only area of the 40SC website. There you will find an abundance of inspiration from riding tips and trail reviews to cowgirl poetry and quotes, a members only photo gallery, stories and hundreds of delicious recipes, (including some for your horse!) from around the world.

You don’t have to own a horse, a trailer or any equipment to become a 40 Something Cowgirl, there is not any particular skills you need to have, you don’t even have to know anyone that is a 40 Something Cowgirl, a fun loving spirit and desire for adventure is all that is required.


Join today! As soon as you register, join and log in as a member you can build your profile, add pictures, a bio and begin making friends instantly. Our social platform within the website gives you access to the entire 40SC membership, worldwide. After joining, your team at Cowgirl Headquarters will then issue you an official membership number and mail your Members packet, including your membership card, Cowgirls handbook and official 40SC window decal.

Any gal over the age of 21 is welcome to join. Our membership ranges in age from 21 to 93 years young! Members participate and enjoy the benefits the organization provides as well as the many benefits from our amazing sponsors.

Cowgirl events include anything that sounds like FUN! Riding horses to wine tasting, fishing, hiking or having brunch, movie night and pedicures to camping or sailing the Caribbean.

Register today and become one of the funn-est bunch of women on the planet.



As a member of 40SC you are assured through our membership agreement that all “40 Something” members have agreed to (a) the terms and conditions of our membership agreement (b) take full responsibility for their actions and the actions of their horses (c) release any and all liability from event sponsors, host, hostesses, facilities, land owners and related (d) maintain a healthy and parasite free horse (if applicable) and (e) not get in the way of fun by taking ourselves too seriously.


40 Something Cowgirls recognizes that there are no barriers between women of different cultures, races or religions and choose to concentrate on all that women of a certain age have in common.

Having fun, sharing life and doing it in a way agreeable and respectful to all involved is the main goal at any and all events.


There are, however  a few things that we do not do…

  • We do not set a bunch of rules and regulations. Members can find a local chapter that suits them or have the freedom and support from Cowgirl Headquarters to create a new Cowgirls Chapter.
  • We do not Exclude, we INclude.
  • We do not bring DRAMA
  • We do not disrespect horses or other members or their guests.