“Become One”

Posted on: April 13th, 2019 by Brieanne Whaley | in Poetry | No Comments

Brieanne Whaley, Powder Springs, GA

He raises his nose to my nose,
He flares his nostrils making sure it’s not a threat I pose.
It’s a struggle to see who is the master, but neither one turns their eyes knowing it could be a disaster.
The battle has begun between this perfect pair.
This stallion caught her eye over high quality bred mares.
The beauty in this beast is hard to ignore,
“He will be mine to tame and adore.”
His tongue licks the salts on my hand,
it’s in that moment our bond began.
Losing myself into those wild and crazy eyes,
I see him forever standing below me until we both shall die.
The power of his hooves carry us to another place.
Finally, our minds become one, moving at a horse’s pace.