A letter to Our Cowgirls

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by Susan Webb | in Members Gallery, Poetry, Testimonials | No Comments

Susan Webb & Roxanne Jones- co-creators of the Dallas, Georgia Chapter

When Dallas, Georgia Chapter formed….we were very blessed to be able to call ourselves the Dallas Cowgirls!

Both my Princess, Roxanne Jones and I wanted to set the tone and introduce ourselves. I felt that this intro was something that any chapter could benefit from and wanted to share it with ya’ll.
My focus with this chapter will be on friendship and fellowship. Saying that—I want to be sure that everyone remembers that this group is for the enjoyment of being a cowgirl (horse or not).

Being a cowgirl isn’t necessarily about having a horse….it is MORE about having that spirit—and that belief that we are a sisterhood. This chapter will be focused on helping one another achieve personal goals and understanding that we as women don’t need to put others down to elevate ourselves. When we elevate one another, and help each other, we achieve greatness.

When you hear me say: “We are all about the Ride.” I mean it.
Not necessarily on a horse—but it is the JOURNEY.
And it is about how we accomplish that journey together.

No Drama. Saddles On. Enjoy the ride, my friends.

(Special credit to Roxanne Jones who coined the “No Drama, Saddles On” phrase)