Rhonda Reyes, Silver Creek, GA

Posted on: April 6th, 2016 by Rhonda Reyes | in Testimonials | No Comments

As I enter this room full of people, I feel a hundred eyes on me, perhaps it’s these dusty old jeans or my sweaty shirt covered in horse hair or maybe even my out of place hair. I’m really not sure but I enter with the strength that God has given me to love who I am and what I have become, for I am a younger girl in an older woman’s body. I embrace the moment and I realize that life is great for I have reached a time and place in my life to accept myself without the need of approval from anyone else. As I pay for my refreshment, I stare out the window to see my old faithful truck and trailer with
one of my most precious and loving horses. I realize that I am more than just a strong woman, I am a 40 Something Cowgirl!!!!

By Joe Reyes (my husband)