first trail ride as a group.

Posted on: June 18th, 2020 by sandy shreve | in Queens Blog | No Comments

well we are new since march 2020. we are now up to 6 ladies. today we went on a trail ride behind Pacific equestrian center. round trip is one hour. this is a fun ride to get horses used to different evironments. to get to the other side of the trail you do have to cross the creek. however, it is only knee deep. the horses didn’t seem to mind the water, unless you were my horse which thought it was stop time to just stand. it was a blast today, the horses did really good and we had a new cowgirl riding with us. i can say the later in the day does get a bit hotter then earlier on. if you would like to come and ride, all you do is park at clear water in Springfield, where the horse parking signs are posted. its not a long ride but it is great for the horses to get used to bikers, walkers, and skateboarders.