Coming together in more ways than one

Posted on: June 21st, 2020 by Danyeil Reed | in Queens Blog | 2 Comments

When you think of coming together with your cowgirl sisters you think, events, or at least that is what I normally think. I am hear to tell you that there are more ways than one to use those words. This weekend we hosted a 3 day weekend camping trip with trails that went on for miles through the beautiful mountain terrain; Everyone was having a wonderful time until we got back to camp on the second day.. that’s when it happened … COLIC .. the ride for one of our members senior horse was just a bit to much on a very hot day. Our cowgirl was scared and had tears in her eyes, that is when, without hesitation, her cowgirl sisters jumped in to help.. some running to get Banamine & electrolytes, and others a hose to mist him until he was cooled down … when he went down and things weren’t looking so good, the vet was called and WE CAME TOGETHER in prayer.. each cowgirl hand in hand circling around this cowgirl and her beautiful boy, her heart horse!! Tears were flowing, prayers being spoke out-loud by many in the circle , requesting total healing and any small sign that he was going to be ok. The hair on my arms stood and I felt peace as we all unlocked our hands … Our cowgirl thanked us and then gave a little tug on her lead rope as she said “come on boy please get up” THEN… he lifted his head, he rolled up on his side and showed signs of wanting to stand .. spirits started to lift and we once again prayed, thanking God for this sign and continuing to ask for total healing.. that’s when HE STOOD UP!!! Everyone, including guest of the campgrounds who were not Cowgirl members, clapped and cheered !! The Vet arrived about 10 minutes later and put some fluids and oil into the gut and gave some medical advised to follow for a few days but was gave a good report by saying he should be just fine !!! PRAISE GOD !!
Matthew 18:20 When two or more gather in my name There am I with thee.