Spanaway WA Steve Rother One Ride Away Live

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April 10, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Frontier Park
21718 Meridian Ave E
WA 98338
Janet Preston

Second opportunity,,
April 10th- at Frontier Park, Graham.. at 11:00AM.. will open for anyone, that has ridden In a clinic, is enrolled in a later Clinic or camp, or wants to just come Out and learn about this wonderful program..
That session, will start in hand on the ground and focus on the lessons from week 2.. Lateral Flexion from the Ground, Hindquarters from the Ground, Backing from the Ground, Front feet From the ground, * So we will start the day, in hand, (girls with their youngsters, this is a great opportunity to bring and work with them) We don’t have a time limit, So we’ll start in hand and then saddle up and work on more of week 1, what everyone learned from the clinic,, and any issues with the next 2 weeks of the program.. We will set up a 1once a month practice, and Im hoping to have Steve live with us each time..
So.. closer to the day of the event, I will post more, you will have an Opportunity to submit a question, or issue.. I will communicate to Steve what those are, and then we we go live.. He will already know what he can help you with.. I am beyond excited to have Steve part of this for us.. and I hope you are toMo!!

April 10th, 11:00AM to 3:00PM Frontier Park.. eveyone is welcome..Still need to aNY QUESTIONS PLEASE PM ME