Columbia Basin, WA – Prayer Quilt

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April 1, 2022 – October 1, 2022 all-day
Lena Willmschen

Help create a prayer quilt.

If you love to craft great you can put the quilt block together yourself or you can send the material and a copy of your favorite scripture.

If you would like to create the block yourself please send in or hand deliver a  9 patch (unfinshed block size: 17″) and with your favorite scripture either written (using fabric ink works best), or embroidery on the block or you can send a copy of the scripture and I will add it to a square.

When doing the quilt block please have the block in the following Color scheme:

Red, White & Blue

Once the quilt is completed I will take a vote on either finding a  family and add a basket to the quilt and hand out at Christmas time or we donate the quilt to a worthy cause for an auction to help raise money.


When you either hand me or mail the block please make sure to include your membership number so I can make sure you get the credit.