Breckenridge, TX – Love your Local Law Enforcement Day

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February 22, 2021 all-day
Amy Judkins
Continuing our February trend, lets focus on love!
Your Local Law Enforcement encompasses so many agencies to include but not limited to; Police, Sheriff, State Troopers, Mounted Patrols and more.
Remember when we were children and we loved to see the local Leo drive by in that cool car/truck with all their fancy sirens and lights? Remember Career day when so many youngsters wanted to grow up and be THAT Police Officer?
Who is the first on scene when something goes terribly wrong? Who will stand in the line of fire for whats just and right to save you? Who is the one who can still derive a sparkle in a childs eye with that car/truck with the fancy lights and sirens?
Lets show them some love!
Make or take something special to these people, could be food, cards, goodie baskets or sweets .
Let’s show them the appreciation that they deserve day in and day out!
Don’t forget to send pics to Amy Judkins via FB messenger to have your girls added to the roster!