Abilene, TX Monthly Trail ride

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November 12, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Liesa Kennedy

40SC Trail Etiquette
As a member or guest of 40SC, the opportunity for group trail rides comes up often. A trail ride is a social event with fellow horse lovers and should be enjoyable, the object is to have fun. To make these rides as trouble free and fun as possible, there are some critical trail etiquette rules that need to be observed.
You are representing our Cowgirls organization! Make us proud!
1) The Trail-Ride Leader should relay expectations & conduct of the group BEFORE heading out.
2) Be respectful of property, public or private. Stay on trails, leave no trace.
3) Be respectful of all horses and riders. Everyone is at a different level; we were all beginners once. Keep in mind, some gals have waited a lifetime for this!
4) Arrive with all necessary tack. Inspect for safety.
5) Wait for all riders to be mounted and situated before walking off.
6) Keep with the group, do not separate or leave the herd.
7) Establish a communication link from front to back and vice versa.
8) Stick to the pace most comfortable for the least experienced rider.
9) Keep at least one-horse length between you and the rider in front of you.
10) Keep buddy horses together. Least experienced horses/riders in the middle.
11) Do not run off. Communicate/ask if you would like to change gait.
12) At obstacles (water, bridges, gates, etc.), stop and wait for everyone in group to maneuver.
13) Leave gates how you found them.
14) Do not litter (that includes cigarette butts)
15) Be courteous to other people on the trail, though equines have right of way, yield if necessary.
16) Do not tie to lose objects or tie unfamiliar horses to close to each other.
17) Be cautious when reprimanding your horse in proximity to other riders.
NOTE: You are responsible for your horse’s behavior, if your horse kicks, bites, strikes be sure you are positioned to prevent that from happening. It is not the responsibility of those around you to watch out for you, (though you must be savvy of your surroundings), it is your responsibility to ensure this behavior does not present itself or endanger those around you.
Also remember, unsolicited advice is never welcome, keep your opinions to yourself as they are “just opinions”. If you can’t be nice be quiet.