“September 11, 2001”

Posted on: April 13th, 2019 by Brieanne Whaley | in Cowgirl Stories | No Comments


Dedicated to the 9/11 Victims
By: Brieanne Whaley, Powder Springs, GA

September 11, 2001 the day is early barely begun. The sun shining bright, the sky so blue, the day has dawned so very new. The comings and goings of everyday life, no one aware of the coming strife. It hit so quickly, it hit so fast, we only knew it was an awful blast! People running in terror and running in fear, no one knew the end was near. Help came quick and help came fast, and in a moment came another blast. No time to run, no time to hide, the building came down and many died. A cloud of smoke and a cloud of dust, a look of horror and disgust. No time for grieving, no time for tears, no time for quenching a nation’s fears. People are hurt and can’t be found, a busy city with barely a sound. The dust has settled the search begun, no one can imagine the rising sun. The sun comes up as it does each day, we have been changed in a horrible way. Our heads are bowed as we ask God “why?” The grief has begun we start to cry. So many people have been hurt, as they dig through the rubble, and dig through the dirt. Fireman, police and the common man travel a far from this great land. They do what they can it may not be much, as simple as serving a sandwich for lunch. We are a nation that won’t come apart, it has been this way from the very start. We are a proud nation living free, look at us world we want you to see. You may try to break and knock us down, but we have our freedom that you have not found! No one can take our freedom away, we have our liberty and she’s here to stay! We are a nation coming together, and this we say will be forever. As a nation we will slowly rebirth, knowing America is the best place on Earth. As each day goes by, our Father has a great plan, even thought it is something we don’t understand. The pain is great and will always be there, but the love of a nation is everywhere. As we bury our family and a close friend, we know in our heart this is not the end. We fly the flag of red, white and blue, it flies at half staff for me and for you. Thank you to all for what you have done, God Bless America from me just one!