Saying goodbye to an old friend.

Posted on: April 13th, 2019 by Susan Nichols | in Cowgirl Stories | No Comments


Susan Nichols, Rock Springs, WY

No he didn’t die, he was given to a little cowgirl to use for gymkhanas, trail riding and such. Boy did he love to heel him some steers. In his lifetime he won well over $50,000.00, (that is what I know he won). His name was JD and when he came to our family I thought is very cool since he and my son had the same initials. We bought him when his was 16, prime age for heel horses, My son was just starting back into the roping business and wanted something solid. That is what we got. I remember my late husband saying, “this is a good one”, and he is. The old boy taught my son a lot in the heel box, taught my granddaughter to ride, and got this heartbroken lady back in the saddle. I will be forever grateful for this horse. Now at 24 he will ease into retirement by helping to teach the next generation of young cowgirls, which will in turn help to keep the Cowboy way of life alive and well.