Our Vision

Kristi Williams & Kim Chandler

Kristi Williams with Founding Member, Kim Chandler

In my heart I truly believe we are creating the greatest, strongest, most genuine form of a national sisterhood. A movement.

To believe in the movement you believe as I do that all women our age, by the time we get to this age, have in some ways, many ways learned compassion. I say learned because I believe that compassion is not something you are necessarily born with it is something learned from tragedy, from pain. I feel that you cannot be truly compassionate towards someone’s situation unless you have experienced that or something similar. Small children are a great example, when you see them interact one may smack another and then sit there and watch that child cry, without any compassion for what they have done to that child. It is only when they are taught that is wrong do they feel anything and then at that point just remorse for getting in trouble. I remember as an early teen having friends that had lost a family member or a friend and feeling sorry for them but it wasn’t until I lost a friend and family member in high school that I truly understood the pain and suffering that goes with loss. By the time we get to this age, we have all lost and suffered much and do truly understand life’s challenges.

2015 Royal Retreat, Ranch Rodeo

2015 Royal Retreat, Ranch Rodeo

At one of our very first cowgirl meetings, two gals in a newly formed chapter met for the first time discovered they both had lost daughters, daughters in their early 20’s. Both of these women I knew separately,  only one I knew had lost a daughter. At that 40SC Meet & Greet these two women, in a round circle intro, similar to many intros at Cowgirls meetings, shared their pain, each thinking they had a unique past. When learning of each other’s similarities, they embraced and became, at that moment, lifelong friends. I knew instantly 40 Something Cowgirls was much more than a riding club, it was a life changing experience for many. I knew we were creating a movement.

Steve Jobs said: “The people that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, often do”. I am here to tell you we have a membership full of crazy women! Women that believe at this age we are past the drama, past the judging and can have harmony and peace if we commit ourselves to it.

Cowgirls have compassion for each of our stories and look forward to learning and giving of ourselves. We all get it. If we haven’t “been there done that”, perhaps we wanted to or we want to. Perhaps we have been there and it’s sharing that we look for.

All of us as 40SC members respect that we all have something to give but we all are here for something to take as well. It is our time! We have raised the family, we have given and sacrificed and now finally we can do what perhaps we have been waiting to do our entire lives. And with that it is a movement we are creating, dedicated to the cause of oneself by helping each other. Together we can move mountains.

Janice Morrel

Janice Morrel, Graham, TX 2014 Founder’s Award Winner

We all gain from this network we are creating nationally. Think of it, think of just the gals in one chapter or in your area about to start a chapter and then broaden that globally. Think of the impact. As a member you immediately have Cowgirl friends nationwide. Friends that welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

It is a vision. A global sisterhood of horse loving women sharing in the cowgirl spirit!